Who We Are







Strengthened and nourished by a vision and the courage of our Founder, Father Gerald M.C. Fitzgerald and the pioneer Paracletes, the Congregation of the Servants of the Paraclete was formed through the inspiration and team work of priests who were willing to be risk takers and who, without precedent, forged an international Congregation in the Catholic Church.

We are the heirs of this vision, and commit ourselves to continue the healing Ministry of Christ to his wounded priests and brothers, by participating in the mission of the Roman Catholic Church and by adhering to its teachings. We believe that each priest and brother is made in the image and likeness of God, and has been graced with a Divine Vocation. We pledge to deliver a compassionate ministry: pastoral and professional care to our brothers wounded in the fray of life.

We seek to foster within each of our programs a spirit of genuine Christ like compassion, a non-judgmental environment, and a safe and professional setting where healing can begin. Our Ministry is holistic by its nature, namely, Psychological, Physical and Spiritual. Because we believe in the reality that the spirit of our Founder lives on in his spiritual sons, we are oriented spiritually and sacramentally toward the Eucharist. We seek to ensure that the root cause of ill health and suffering in priests and brothers are addressed and eradicated.

We commit ourselves to be responsible stewards of our resources. We strive to be advocates, healers, spiritual directors, professionally educated to promote sublime yet difficult Ministry.

We pledge to continue to offer any prudent and possible Ministry to those in Sacred Orders and in the Religious Life, relying on the ever present healing power and exquisite mercy of a loving God.

We are the Servants of the Paraclete who exist through the grace of God: to heal, to offer hope, and to witness to the presence of a God who came and remains among us.