Who We Are





The Servants of the Paraclete is an international religious community founded by Rev. Gerald Fitzgerald sP in 1947 with a specific ministry to serve fellow priests and brothers who are facing particular challenges in their vocations and lives. We are located near St. Louis, Missouri, and continue to offer the St. Michael Renewal Program, a carefully integrated program for growth and healing, and Vianney Center, a residential faith community for priests and brothers who wish to live their vocation at its core of prayer and fraternity.

We are dedicated to renewal in our own lives, in our religious family and in the lives of priests and religious who come to us for vocational and psychological assistance.

Servant of the Paraclete Maxims
are principles taken from the works of Father Gerald Fitzgerald, founder of the Congregation, in his writing and teaching to his followers:

“It is essential that Paracletes be enthusiastic and filled with the joy of the Lord, and joyful givers, because it is necessary that we inspire our fellow priests to be the same (Maxim 108).”