Dittmer, Missouri

At Vianney Renewal Center, the Servants of the Paraclete offer a very specific ministry to fellow priests and religious brothers who are facing particular challenges in their vocation and lives. 

These Programs are offered at the Vianney Renewal Center.

Contact Information:

PO Box 539
Cedar Hill, MO 63016

Father Liam Hoare s.P., Father Servant

Father Rich Brown, s.P.
Father Gregory McCormick, s.P.
Father Ed Rolph, s.P.
Father Paul Valley, s.P.
Brother John Phan Van Tran, s.P. (Kenrick Seminary)
Andy Palazzola, Associate

636-274-5226 Vianney Center in Dittmer
636-285-1684 Providence House
636-274-1979 Community House
636-285-0157 DePaul House
636-274-5226, x 383 Maria Bolognesi House

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